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Let's enjoy Shimanto's daily life!

You can enjoy the beautiful nature like Shimanto-River and deep green forest, good quality local foods and an open-air bath.
Our guesthouse has many attractive points. First of all, the Shimanto-River runs very close to us, so that you can swim in the river. Secondly the architecture of our guesthouse is an old style Japanese house. You can get a chance to feel the atmosphere of real life of rural side of Japan. Finally the railway is in front of our guesthouse. The location is ideal for watching local trains like the Kappa train, Hobby train and Shimantorocco.
We hope you will get relaxed with great nature of SHIMANTO!!!!

A guesthouse near the Shimanto river


  • ①Yodo-Sen Room

    The room is named after Yodo-Sen JR Line. You can enjoy seeing running trains on the window. We used wood-made toys as decoration in it. And the room is designed for 5 persons.
    *You will sleep on Futon-mat if your party is more than 3 persons.

    Hanged bed, Hammock, Toy train, Reading lamp, Mirror, Hanger, Air conditioning

  • ②Koinobori Room

    Koinobori(Carp Streamer ) is a symbol of our town.  The room is dormitory type one for 4 persons.  You can keep your private space with curtain.

    Hanged bed, Reading lamp, Mirror, Hanger, Air conditioning

  • ③Kappa Room

    This room is designed for your private use (3 persons). You can lock the door with key. Couch bed is very comfortable. Cotton ball lamp makes your room romantic.
    *You will sleep on Futon-mat if your party is more than 2 persons.

    Couch bed, Cotton Ball Lamp, Mirror, Hanger, Air conditioning

  • ④Hinoki Room

    Bed in the room is made of Hinoki wood(Cypress). The room is bigger than you look.
    The room is for 4 persons. But you can keep your privacy perfectly. In the upper space, it is possible to stay with 2 or 3 persons.

    Hinoki Wood Made Bed, Reading Lamp, Small size mirror, Air conditioning

[Check in]


[Check out]

till 10:00am


  • Mix Dorm
    3000JPY (per persom,per night)
    ※+1000JPY for high season
  • Private
    4000JPY (per persom,per night)
    ※+1000JPY for high season
  • *Children (under 10 years old) :Half price. (However, one child per family/group that is 3 years old and under will be free of charge.)

Kappa backpackers



Hair dryers
Shampoo,Body soap
Cooking utensils
Coffee, Tea,
Key Locker
PC, TV  
A Kotatsu heated table is available in the common room during the winter.


Exchange of sheet(200JPY)
Washing machine(200JPY)
Clothes dryer(200JPY)
Bath towel(200JPY)
Swimming Goggles(200JPY)
A metal bathtub heated from beneath
(Firewood 500 JPY + bathing fee 200 JPY × number of people) 
* In the case of hot spring, charge separately

[Dinner]※Temporarily Unavailable

Dinner sharing(700JPY〜)※Booking up to 2 days before
(Let's eat Octopus balls or Kimchi and Korean miso soup!)

[Breakfast]※Temporarily Unavailable

Rice & Miso soup Set (300JPY〜)※Booking up to 2 days before
(You can use the kitchen equipment anytime you want.)


Area info

Direction from Kochi

Kochi IC→Down the Middle IC of Shimantocho (about 60min)
→56 line of national highway→381 line of national highway (about 45min)

Direction from Uwajima

320 line of national highway→381 line of national high way (about 55min)

Direction from Matsuyama

Matsuyama IC→Down the Mima IC→31 line of prefectural route
→57 line of prefectural route→320 line of national highway
→381 line of national highway (about 105min)

Dosan Line/Yodo Line

  • 【Outbound lane】
  • JR Kochi station[4:49 pm]→JR Kubokawa station[6:01 pm] (about 70min / limited express)
  • JR Kubokawa station[6:43 pm]→JR Tokawa station[7:22 pm] (about 40min / local)
  • 【Inbound lane】
  • JR Uwajima station[6:30 pm]→JR Tokawa station [7:56 pm](about 90min / local)
  • * It is a timetable of the last train arriving at JR Tokawa station.

8 minute walk from Tokawa station

  • ①Get off the Tokawa station
  • ②Turn right with the way of your back to station
  • ③Half minute when you come to Towa town hall
  • ④You almost near the guesthouse when you see the Hikoichi super market
  • ⑤Please go up the stone stair in the small road which is next to super market and turn tight at the end
  • ⑥You finally arrive after you go through the train

*Google map here


※It is little bit difficult to find out our parking. If you get lost, you should come to"Hicoichi-Supermarket" near to our guesthouse. And then please call us +81-90-5278-4402


Reserving and Contacting by calling